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While the majority of our hunts are behind pointing or flushing dogs, tower shoots or continental shoots are also very popular. Twelve stations or buts are spread in a large circle around a central tower. These stations are far enough away from the tower so it is barely visible or in most cases not seen at all from the stations.

Each station has 2 shooters and the birds come over the tree tops at full speed creating an extremely challenging shots for even the most seasoned shooters.

The shooters rotate stations after an equal number of birds have been released so everyone has a chance to shoot at that days hot stations. Halfway through the day is a break for a hearty lunch at the lodge and then back to the fields for the afternoon portion of the shoot.

Shooting in the european tradition 

Springers, Labs and Goldens along with their handlers retrieve the downed birds as the shoot progresses. All birds are evenly divided between the shooters at the end of the day and can be traded for cleaned birds for a small fee.