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699 Cook Hill Road Danielson CT 06239 US

Markover has 5 main hunting fields which gives us the ability to host up to 15 hunters at a time (no more than 3 shooters per group) however we do not combine groups, you hunt with your friends. Lone hunters are welcome weekdays or if openings on weekends allow.

A main focus at Markover is the cover in our hunting fields, while it would be easy to plant vast fields of grasses and walk away, but we know from 50 years of hunting experience this will not work. The key to good hunting throughout the season is to have a great variety of hunting cover.

Most of our off-season is spent maintaining and establishing this cover so that as fall progresses to winter and then spring, quality bird holding areas are available without sacrificing huntability.

Low, well managed brush is the classic New England upland hunting habitat, we have that and more. Our fields are interspersed with patches of prairie grass and low pines for full season bird cover