Something New at Markover                                          

                                             Unguided Hunts

        Starting October 15 you can reserve one of two fields for a non-guided hunt for a         morning or afternoon hunt

  • Only on non holiday weekdays
  • You must have your own dog
  • No more that 3 hunters per group
  • This option MUST be requested when making reservations to ensure availability
  • Hunters required to stay in assigned fields

Warm and inviting, the lodge is the heart of the hunting experience, from the first cup of coffee to conversation at the end of the day

September 15 through March 31

  Field hunts seven days a week

Plenty of openings still available

Tower Shoots

February 9th 1000 birds, stations available

  Location    and Prices

For more than 50 years Markover has been creating memories that last a life time. We have hunters who shot their first birds here and have had their children and even grandchildren do the same. 

Tower shooting is a very popular sport at Markover. The guns shoot from stations as the birds pass overhead at tree top level.

Our pricing is direct and transparent and when all things are considered we offer memorable top-quality hunts at a realistic price


 860 774 4116

699 Cook Hill Road Danielson CT 06239 US

Hunting cover is a primary focus at Markover, we have anticipated the changing seasons and  have developed varied cover to change with them.


Memories for a lifetime