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Upland Bird Hunting In New England


Markover Hunting Preserve is a 300 acre private hunting preserve located in the rolling hills of Northeastern Connecticut. Established in 1917, Markover has provided upland bird hunters with the finest hunting experiences available in the New England/New York area.

Markover is not a club which must be joined, only reservations are required. Hunting licenses or tags are not needed and being a state licensed preserve Markover has an extended season starting Sept. 15 and ending March 31, seven days a week, yes Sundays too!!  Weekends, holidays, and prime fall dates book early, if you have a special date in mind, please call well ahead.

Morning hunts start about 8:30 with a break back at the lodge halfway through, afternoon hunts start at 1:00. Special start times can be arranged for any group.


Unlike public hunting areas, Markover is not over run by hunters, a maximum of 3 hunters with their guide and dog work an area. Larger groups are divided into parties of 2 or 3 for safety and enjoyment. With 5 separate hunting areas, groups of up to 15 can easily be accommodated. Lone hunters are also welcome during the week, a minimum of 2 guns are required for weekends.  Each hunting party has a guide who knows the preserve well, will work one of the preserves' dogs and in general do his best make sure each hunter has an enjoyable experience.



Four generations of experience have taught us there are some important factors in making a successful and enjoyable hunting experience. Please use the links below to find out why Markover is the standard by which other preserves are measured.